Moving home

If you’re moving home, then you’ll need to let us know so that we can update our records.

You can provide the details of your move up to 30 days ahead of your planned move but if you’re on a water meter, we’d recommend taking a reading on the day before you move and before completing one of the forms below. This allows us to process your move with an accurate bill, if you’re unable to take a reading don’t worry, we’ll update your account using estimated charges.

Please choose the option below that best describes your situation.

Existing customer

If you’re an existing customer and moving within our area, then we’ll close the account for your old property and move you into your new address

New Customer

If you’re a new customer moving into our area, we’ll be able to register your details and move you into your new property

Closing your account

If you’re moving out or area or no longer responsible for the water bill, then we’ll close your account – If you’re moving to a new area, you’ll need to contact the supplier if you will be responsible for the water bill


If you’re a Landlord, Managing Agent, or Housing Association then we can use the information you provide to ensure that we know who is legally responsible for paying the water bill